author: Antonina Zhulkova
About project

The Thistle graduation font (Thistle) is a modern transitional serif—it’s a revival of the Wilson font, which combines a modern approach to font design and historical forms of signs. This is a book typeface great for small and medium body sizes, and it is distinguished by a well-designed pattern of all characters, a remarkable contrast, asymmetrical serifs and the ductile character of letters. The most important feature of the font is the drawing of Cyrillic characters which is based on the traditions of Russian typography of the end of the 18th century.

About student

A beginner font and pattern designer. I was born in the Moscow region, received my education in Moscow and have been living in St. Petersburg for several years now. Before the course, I worked on creating patterns and illustrations, and also released three handwritten fonts based on my original calligraphy. I have been fond of letters for a long time and studying in the Big Font Course was an excellent opportunity for me to get a new profession and see new opportunities at work.