author: Alexander Kirillov
About project

My graduation project font ’Taiga’ is a strict semi-open technological non-serif with round outer ovals and pillow-shaped internal ovals. It works well in point sizes from 6 to 36 and is suitable for websites, posters, as well as for developing the identity of robotics manufacturers. Inconspicuous peculiarities of internal semi-ovals construction enable its use for text arrays, and I would also like to add that the font’s letters simply please the eye with their modern forms.

About student

I studied at the Faculty of Economics of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Then I went to work in marketing, and from there moved on to design. I’ve worked at a publishing house and at printed magazine, and also a lot in digital media. I have been making money with design for about ten years. Now I am an interface designer at Sidenis, we create complex software for large insurance businesses. For the last eight years I have been following the font theme, but I have never gotten my hands on sitting down and figuring out how it all works. That’s why I’ve decided that the font course was for me right away as I’ve heard about it.