author: Marina Khodak
About project

My graduation project was the font Splash, a literal reference to splashes of water. I wanted to create a low-contrast, round, and smooth antiqua which at the same time would be dynamic and lively. The font turned out to be dynamic and, as far as I can tell, pretty graceful. When you first type a text in a font that you’d created from scratch, you experience a very specific feeling. Out of nothing, something appeared. Now it can be used in work. It’s like making a mug of clay and then drinking tea from it. Cool.

About student

I am a graphic designer with about six years' experience. At some point, I had a on obsession with the letters. I paid attention to how they lived in a text, to the fact that each of them has a certain nature. It was rather an illustrative attitude, as in the book "Alya, Klyaksich and the letter A" by Irina Tokmakova. Before the course, I had read the "Book of letters" by Gordon and "Living typography" by Korolkova. I think I can say that these books helped me to better perceive what was happening, and somewhat prepared the ground for new information.