author: Anna Tikhonova
About project

The Somnut font is a Scandinavian-style display ribbon serif. It was created for book graphics, posters and signs. The character of the letters is based on the modified form of the stem, the vertical element. Elements of letters change the width of the stroke, the stress of ovals and semi-oval shifts, due to which a sense of twisting of the letters is created and tension appears. In the form of signs, the trace of the wide-nib quill is clearly visible. In working on the font, it was important for me to balance the letters among themselves and develop a single harmonious system while preserving their bright character.

About student

I am an architect by training, and I have always worked in the profession—I was engaged in designing large residential complexes and small private apartments. A couple of years ago, I became interested in calligraphy, went through several courses, studied with different masters in St.Petersburg, and gradually my interest in letters turned from a hobby into an intention to change my profession. I constantly find parallels between architectural design and font design—these are consistency, the importance of detail, the black and white balance, and contrast, all of which play a huge role in architecture and fonts.