author: Anastasia Averina
About project

Sigillium is a family of 2 fonts—regular and decorative voluminous face. The family is of the ribbon atniquas and has expanding stems, oblique ovals and relatively low-contrast strokes. The characters are relatively equally spaced, and the shapes of some glyphs refer to the forms of the Roman Capital. All this creates a pronounced historical character. Sigillium is an attempt to reincarnate the Sign Painting style used for window dressing, signage and other outdoor advertising at the beginning of the 20th century. The resulting font is designed for the design of signs, for a set of headings in large body sizes and for creating logos.

About student

I am a chalk letterer. It sounds incomprehensible—in fact, my work is almost unrelated to chalk, but it relates to the letters that I write with anything for everything. I paint boards, mirrors, walls, windows and more. I have been doing this work for more than a year, after I realized that working only with the “digital” depresses me. Before that I was working in micro stocks. And before that, I got a Master’s in Photonics (another incomprehensible word), and before that I was an engineer. I dream to learn to draw. And I also want to paint a huge wall.