author: Yuri Nakonechny
About project

My graduation project is a modern transitional serif for use in playbills and booklets. Inspired by the Baskerville font and the Anglo-Scottish serifs, I came to a narrower proportion of letters and a higher typing density, adding unusual drops as a decorative element. From historical prototypes my font got long thin serifs, high contrast and no inclination in the ovals. Due to all these details, its character turned out to be strict and sophisticated, perfectly suitable for headings and small paragraphs in a large body size.

About student

I came to the font course from the city of Nizhnekamsk, where I studied to be an engineer and worked at a factory for five years, at the same time mastering stocks. Having no artistic education, but with a great desire to engage in creative work, I gained experience working as a vector artist in one of the first stock studios, which enabled me to quickly grow professionally. For nearly four years now, I have been devoting all my time to creating vector illustrations for my portfolio on microstocks in different styles—from simple backgrounds and lettering to realistic objects and effects, and even travel photos.