author: Anosov Vladimir
About project

The graduation project is based on the desire to create a font that would convey the mood of the letters of the St. Petersburg metro, and in particular, the names on the tunnel walls of the red metro line. For a long time, I collected information about the subway fonts, studied similar styles, looked at different styles of architecture in order to understand and absorb the spirit of that time, and the thoughts of font artists of the Soviet era. One of the main tasks was not to overdo it creatively, and to keep within the framework of creating a «classic» font, rather than a beautiful and empty picture for each letter. I am satisfied with the result, and I will soon share the font with the representatives of the St. Petersburg Metro and with the whole world.

About student

33 years old, married. Higher education—journalistic faculty of SFU, specialization—public relations. I am fond of lettering, and have already practiced calligraphy for 5 years, self-taught. I came to the Big Font Course to understand how the letters are arranged, what are the rules and regulations, what can be done with fonts, and what should not be done. I believe that the letters express even more than the pictures in the design.