author: Nadezhda Polomoshnova
About project

As a graduation project font, I chose a humanist sans serif, whose text array would work well in large and medium font sizes. Keeping in mind that it was my first experience in immersing myself in font design, I would immediately note the difficulty of moving away from a graphic designer’s attitude towards letters as separate beautiful forms, unconnected with each other, to understanding the relationships within the font and its structure. Before the course, the font to me was a set of individual beautiful—or not very much so—letters that could be used in the same logos. Another point to which I also paid much attention was preservation of vividness of the font without dry pure geometry. All in all, I think it turned out to be a fully working version, which can be used in the initial settings and at the same time be quite a pretty Leo.

About student

I have behind me a fundamental classical art education in Yaroslavl and the Department of Graphic Design of the Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg. During the training, we were taught some basics of font theory, but I did not take them seriously until I started to do calligraphy on my own in my free time at one of the leading design studios in St. Petersburg. For me this is one more step towards professional growth.