author: Vitaly Tsygankov
About project

The theme of my graduation project is neutral humanist sans serif for a small body size. To improve readability, wide forms of signs and an open aperture are chosen. To make connections lighter, redundant compensators are used, which also make the font recognizable and original. All this is combined with neutral lettering and a slight contrast of strokes. The font is intended for use in diagrams, maps, navigation, interfaces, reference materials.

About student

I am an interface designer. I work at a studio, in my free time I do projects as a freelancer, and I live in the Moscow region. I began to be seriously interested in fonts four years ago and now I’m expanding my knowledge in this area. During the font course I received a lot of useful, interesting, and most importantly, new information. This enables one to enter the profession and make high-quality fonts on a professional level.