author: Stanislav Kurochkin
About project

«Juliet» is a modern contrasting serif with a soft nature, works well in a large body size and is designed for cases when it is important to say something politely, but so that everyone can hear it. The design-forming features of the font are the non-constant distribution of contrast, the stresses in the lower case that are distributed from letter to letter in different ways, creating dynamics in the set; and the drops in the endings of some signs, sometimes exaggerated and over-the-top large, collected in a separate stylistic set. Juliet’s typographical possibilities are enhanced with alternatives with flourishes and ligatures, which is intended to help the designer to make the inscription more expressive and complete.

About student

Designer of multipage editions. I graduated from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications of the St. Petersburg State University with a degree in media design. Until recently, I was a leading designer in the Krias production company. Now I am a designer at the local St. Petersburg magazine «Sobaka». I’m used to thinking that design is a production of meanings, and the font is a great tool for this, especially on a magazine page. I am sure that the skills acquired in the course gave me a great tool for conveying the necessary intonations and generating important meanings.