author: Karataeva Ksenia
About project

My graduation project is called Immense—wide, grand, huge. I think this word successfully reflects the character of the font. Immense is a high-contrast display serif with rich black and white. I assume that the main scope of the font use is the design of outdoor advertising (banners, posters, posters), where there is the need for display fonts and a very large size. The forms of the letters show a direct connection to the theme of the font, namely, with the trip-hop music style, where smooth forms often intersect with the sharp, where the rhythm can be contrasted and change dramatically. The trip-hop genre is characterized by minimalist arrangements and complex rhythmic patterns. In my opinion, I managed to convey these feelings in the font, using contrast and black and white balance in the letters, as well as due to the smoothness of the lines.

About student

My name is Karataeva Ksenia, I am 25 years old, I moved from Rostov-on-Don to St. Petersburg, where I work as a graphic designer at a studio. My work tasks are varied, and, in most cases, they concern the font theme: it can be the drawing of illustrations, the development of a logo, packaging or other related products. Therefore, the ability to work with fonts is a great advantage for me as a designer. I studied at the Rostov State Construction University to become a graphic designer and my graduation project was also devoted to fonts.