author: Victoria Usmanova
About project

My graduation project was the creation of a modern text antiqua which references historical forms. The font has narrow proportions. All forms of letters are designed to improve the readability of a solid text up to 5 pt. In the font, the dynamic axis of the ovals matches the static axis (as in transitional serif). Despite the fact that the overall impression of a sufficiently technological font appears, some forms of symbols were created according as in old-style antiquas (for example, the shape of an ampersand, a question mark, an oblique hyphen, an asymmetric shape of serifs).

About student

I’m a graphic designer. My main specialization is branding. The foundation of any branding is, of course, the idea. It can be implemented in a variety of ways, including typography. For me, such projects have always been a great joy to work with. Many branding projects often radically change as soon as they leave the designer. But there is always one element that can be kept without a designer’s involvement, and that is the font. Therefore, the creation of fonts has interested to me for a while. A unique font is always a bonus to brand recognition.