author: Alexandra Gundorova
About project

The topic of my graduation project completed in a extensive font design course was the Venetian antiqua, inspired by the Roman capitals and humanist minuscule. The font is created to add old-style decorativeness to large text arrays. The principles of shapes and contrasts resulting from wide-end instruments were implemented in the process of work. It was necessary to achieve uniformity of the Latin alphabet and the Cyrillic alphabets without losing the historical features of the characters and still convey humanism at the same time. Special attention was paid to numbers, additional symbols and ligatures. Alternative symbols that create a more accurate historical form of humanistic minuscule for the set were created for the Latin alphabet.

About student

I’ve worked in design for about 11 years in total. I’ve also spent a couple of years working in printing. Then I’ve completed a six year long degree at the department of graphic design at the Polytechnic University, my graduation project was dedicated to fonts. For several years, I’ve worked in the field of interface design, web design, identity, and printing both at design studios and in IT companies. As a freelancer, I’ve made my first steps in establishing my own design studio. Then there were about 2 years when I was learning calligraphy from professionals. And years of continuing education and learning this art are yet to come.