author: Ksenia Kichina
About project

For my graduation project, I have created a display antiqua which combines traditions and modernity. The stresses in round characters have traces of writing with a wide pen, and the connecting strokes in the upper-case characters add a spirit of relevance and novelty to the font. The font created for my graduation project turned out to have a quite balanced black and white ratio, such a rhythm makes the font readable. The Latin and Cyrillic letters look rather uniform. The font can be used for display matters: in posters, posters, book covers, exhibition headers, and also in text arrays of medium point size.

About student

Graduated from the University of Technology and Design with an Applied Informatics in Design degree in 2012. After the university, I got into a full-service advertising agency where I was involved in printing, creating advertising modules, developing outdoor advertising design, and designing and decorating stores. Graphic design is a very broad concept and at some point in time I came to understand that I need some new knowledge, a new stage, and a new direction in my profession. And so I ended up taking a font design course which turned out to be exactly that uncharted area, the abyss.