author: Sofia Yasenkova
About project

We had chosen the theme of our graduation projects at the beginning of the course and, perhaps, this was the most difficult thing because at that time nothing was clear. I chose a font for daily planners. This led to many decisions, such as large and asymmetrical serifs, low contrast, and the presence of interesting details. You have to be ready to work painstakingly and for a long time while creating a font, but for me it is quite a fascinating process at any stage, and it is very gratifying when a razor-sharp set of characters gradually turns into a clear and thought-out system with its own temper.

About student

I have a Master’s degree in Information Technology. While studying at the university, I decided that I wanted to do the design, and as of now, I have already been working as a graphic designer for 5 years and I am constantly learning. I develop both in the field of graphic design and in adjacent directions. Like everyone else, I like to travel. In this regards, I don’t limit myself only to comfortable hotels and pre-planned excursions, but I also let myself rest from civilization living in a tent somewhere in the mountains for a week.