author: Nastya Levina
About project

Before leaving for maternity leave, and accordingly, before the course, I worked as the head of technical support for the landing page designer service. I’ve always wanted everything to be perfect. That is why my graduation project was a font for the technical support chat room. The complexity of the problem was that the font should be as unpretentious as possible, it should not draw attention. But at the same time, it should be special, just as the technical support service at my previous place of work was. I was not able complete the task during the course, but I’ve advanced greatly. And, of course, I’ve learned incredibly many things that I had previously had no idea about.

About student

Since childhood, I have been drawing a lot, always and everywhere. But at some point they made me go to a music school instead of an art school, and in high school I got interested in exact sciences. I studied mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of the St. Petersburg State University. In my second year I began to work part-time, and gradually came to create websites on demand. The sites however, not only feature the code, but also the design, and there’s no certain answer to the question which of them is more important. This area of work was difficult for me, so I’ve started to educate myself. Then I got a job in an amazing company, which was then just taking off, the LP Platform.