author: Yevgeny Evstigneev
About project

My graduation project font is Circus, a non-serif which seems simple at the first glance. The task was to make a non-aggressive font, outwardly unpretentious, but not devoid of pleasant details. Much attention was paid to strokes compensation and letter spacing, and consequently the font holds the text column well. Unfortunately, not all ideas were realized, but in general the project turned out, in my opinion, to be not devoid of charm. This project, of course, was for me an excellent base for development in the direction of font design.

About student

I graduated from the Obninsk Franco-Russian Institute of Business Administration with a degree in Organizational Management, however, I decided to devote myself to more creative work. I have moved to St. Petersburg and since 2008 I’ve been working as a designer. I started in production of large-format advertising, at the moment I work in the event industry, where I design the decorations and art objects. The time free from work and personal life I devote to freelancing. As far as possible, I try to develop professionally.