author: Sergey Kotelnikov
About project

I chose the topic of my graduation project drawing on my professional activity. I wanted to create a modern geometric non-serif with a high contrast between upper- and lowercase characters, one that could be used video titles and in the web. Seemingly simple things hadn’t turned out to be that way and over and over again I had to change the form and the approach to drawing glyphs. Much attention was paid to optical compensation, so that there would be no characters sticking to each other. Very cool guys from different professional fields had attended the course, and they would help to solve emerging problems at any time. As the result of the course, my love for fonts has only increased, and the desire to create even more font lives in me.

About student

I was born in the wonderful city of Nizhny Tagil to a family of an artist and a programmer, and from an early age I tried to combine their skills in myself. When we’ve gotten a computer at home, I’ve made my first steps in mastering graphics packages, from Photoshop version 4 to Macromedia Flash. Upon high school graduation, I entered the Ural State Technical University and majored in programming, and there, in addition to writing programs, I paid attention to their interfaces and maximum usability. Being constantly aware that the level of design in the city was extremely low and that Arial and Impact fonts were among the first ones to be chosen, I decided to wander off to a more favorable environment, and having considered a number of Russian cities, I made a decision in favor of St. Petersburg.