author: Inessa Mitrozor
About project

My graduation project is a font named Capella. It was difficult to search for historical references, because we had not really inherited many font sets. The starting point for me was a sketch by Rerberg. But I decided not to become attached to it and demonstrate in my font the greatness of Russian traditions in the font, but in their modern interpretation. As a result, a high contrast modern antiqua was developed. It is adorned with elegant drops, slender ovals and long serifs. Fancy numbers and special characters deserve special attention. To me, Capella is a font which would ’wear’ white cuffs and a starched collar.

About student

I am a professional graphic designer with a degree from the National Design Institute in Moscow. This is when I’ve grown to love typography, of course, thanks to the wonderful teachers. I’ve worked in design, but I’d never even think of drawing letters. After the birth of our child, we moved to St. Petersburg. In my opinion, the creation of a font is a projection of the process of thinking. The mind is created to ponder — what if we say yes to this, and what if we say no to that? But you still do not know how everything will be. You can only observe: there’s this and there’s that. Font, for instance, is like a living being with its own character. And although it already exists, somewhere in the back of your mind, it is impossible to know what it will ultimately be.