author: Eva Parkhomenko
About project

My graduation project is a classic antiqua created specifically for books. The necessary condition is the possibility of ergonomic reading of large and extremely large arrays of text. At least three times I had started drawing everything anew, and when I finally was done with the technical and visual parts of the font construction, the problems with the black and white balance of the line appeared. Simply put, I could not catch the rhythm, and because of this there were complications with kerning. As a result, the graduation font was not the way I envisioned it at the very beginning. This is not the end of the story. I still have a lot of work to do on the font.

About student

I work as a teacher of children’s courses. I’ve found out about typography in general and fonts in particular three years ago at the university when I took a ’Typography and layout’ class. It was necessary to complete a course project and to develop a font. I would read special literature, listen to lectures, go to master classes, and study calligraphy, but I still had a feeling that something was missing. The course on font design revealed to me many amazing things, the ones I had not thought of before.