The duration of the «Font course» is 6 months, it is designed for 192 academic hours of training (8 hours of classes each week). The classes are in person and take place in St. Petersburg. Within the framework of this course, students study theoretical and practical disciplines related to font and typography. The main goal of the course is to train fully prepared font designers from related professional design fields. The course results in a graduation project—an original font created in order to complete a real technical task.

The following theoretical disciplines are studied in the course curriculum: the history of typography, terms and definitions, the classification of fonts, the forms of graphemes and various types of fonts, the layout of texts, and the corresponding software. Practical training includes calligraphy (pointed and wide-pointed feathers, as well as modern and experimental instruments), exercises related to practice such topics as rhythm, composition, and black and white balance.

In the classroom, students study fonts and typography with help of simple (modular or stick) fonts, simultaneously exploring font mastering, programming, and the testing/debugging methodology for their fonts. As a graduation project, each student creates a visually and technically complex font intended for highly specific tasks.

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